Will there be a Sex/life season 3?

Billie Connelly is back on Netflix and we couldn't be happier to see her, but we already want to know whats going on with Sex/Life season 3.

Sex/Life season 3 release date: Billie Connely

Will there be a Sex/Life season 3? The second season of the hit Netflix series Sex/Life has dropped on the streaming service, and fans are delighted to finally catch up with their old pal Billie Connelly (not that one).

Sex/Life focuses on Billie, a young mother going through something of a mid-life crisis and yearning for her wild younger days. The drama series‘ first season saw Billie’s old flame Brad reenter her life while Sex/Life season 2 dealt with the fallout of her decisions (we’re trying to avoid spoilers).

The Netflix series was wildly popular, though, and fans inevitably want to know if they’ll get a third season. So will there be a Sex/Life season 3? Let’s find out…

Will there be a Sex/life season 3?

As of March 2023, Netflix hasn’t greenlit Sex/Life season 3. Don’t panic, though; that doesn’t mean the show’s been cancelled. The streaming service often waits a few months before announcing whether they plan on renewing a series.

Last year we had to wait a month or two for Netflix to confirm that Wednesday season 2 and The Sandman season 2 were in the works, and there was a three-month gap between Sex/Life season 1’s debut and the season 2 announcement.

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Basically, depending on how many people watch it, we should hear about Sex/Life season 3 in Spring 2023.

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