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Scream 6 website gives you a Ghostface phone call

If you're feeling brave, you can visit the Scream 6 website and request a call from none other than slasher movie legend Ghostface himself.

Drew Barrymore in Scream

What’s your favourite scary movie? We hope you have an answer prepared because a feature on the Scream 6 website offers you the chance to receive a phone call from none other than Ghostface himself, just like in the horror movie franchise.

The Scream 6 release date is finally here, and as you’ll know if you’re a fan of the slasher movie series, the movie villain loves to chat on the phone. There’s always someone in the Scream cast who falls victim to these foreboding calls, but now it could be you!

Don’t worry, there’s no actual threat to your life here, but a quick visit to HelloGhostface.com will enable you to get on the blower to the Scream villain.

The page bears a message from Ghostface saying: “I’m dying to call you.” If you’re brave, you can then enter your phone number and lo and behold, the masked assailant will hit you up for some one-to-one time on the phone.

If you want to know what happens on the call, a pre-recorded Ghostface message will tease you, try to scare you, and ask you to guess where he’s hiding. He then hangs up and leaves you suitably terrified. The cool thing is, the call comes from a New York number, too, which befits the setting of the new movie.

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