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Scream (2022) has a Freddy Krueger Easter egg you missed

Tyler Gillett, one of the directors of Scream (2022), has revealed a Freddy Krueger Easter egg in the horror movie which fans keep missing

Scream (2022) has a Freddy Krueger Easter egg you missed

Scream (2022) is full of horror movie easter eggs, but there was one Wes Craven reference that even hard-core slasher fans missed during Ghostface’s latest outing. One of the thriller movie directors, Tyler Gillett, has revealed how a certain death in the flick pays homage to Craven’s 1984 movie Nightmare on Elms street. Warning spoilers ahead!

Scream (2022) is the latest entry to Wes Craven’s iconic slasher franchise. Full of self-referential humour and a new set of masked killers, the flick is packed with love and reverence to the spooky genre. In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Gillet shared how Amber’s (Mikey Madison), who is revealed to be one of the killers at the end of Scream (2022), death honoured Craven especially. During her demise, fans saw the character’s face getting burned, resembling another crispy horror villain we all know and love – Freddy Krueger.

“At the end, when Amber (Mikey Madison) runs out all burned to a crisp, our amazing special effects makeup team designed the side of her head to look exactly like Freddy Krueger’s ear,” Gillet explained. “Talk about deep, deep love and fandom.”

You can see the make-up done on Mikey Madison below:

Other notable Craven easter eggs in Scream (2022) included multiple tattoos on the character Vince (Kyle Gallner), and a character in the film even being named after the late great horror director. We are curious to see what references will be put into the scream franchise going forward.

In February 2022, it was announced that Scream 6, is already scheduled to begin filming this summer. So who knows, we may see more of Freddy Krueger in Ghostface’s new murder spree.

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