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One of the best action movies ever could be getting a TV series

Amazon Prime has been looking into the MGM roster of IP, and deciding which titles will make the best TV series, from action movies to musicals.


Amazon Prime Video is looking into its recently acquired roster of MGM IP to find which projects will make the best TV series, according to Deadline. Since acquiring MGM in March 2022, Amazon has been looking through titles that they think would make good television, and reportedly the list includes; the action movie RoboCop and the science fiction movie Stargate – with both films and TV being considered for these properties.

Amazon are also ‘actively developing’ TV series based on the best musical of the 1980s; Fame, and the Western The Magnificent Seven. There could still potentially be a Legally Blonde 3, as well as a TV series based on the Reese Witherspoon comedy movies.

Not all of the titles are being considered for television though, and we could see more films based on the heist thriller movie The Thomas Crown Affair and on the heist comedy movie Pink Panther, which both originated in the 1960s. Although it could be the animated animal version of the Pink Panther character, rather than Inspector Jacques Clouseau, who is a human man.

Many of these titles have already had spin-off series or reboots already. For example, 1994’s Stargate had four or five spin-off series which ran from 1997-2018. 1987’s RoboCop was already remade (unsuccessfully) in 2014. 1960’s The Magnificent Seven (which itself was a remake of one of the best movies of all time; Seven Samurai) was remade in 2016. The most critically-acclaimed remake was probably of 1968’s The Thomas Crown Affair, which was remade in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.

1980’s Fame movie became a TV series which ran from 1982-1987, then the movie was remade in 2009. The long-running Pink Panther movie series starring Peter Sellers was rebooted by Steve Martin in 2006.

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