Dark Winds season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot and more

Leaphorn and Chee are gearing up for a new case and here is everything we know about the Dark Winds season 2 release date, plot, cast, and more

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What is the Dark Winds season 2 release date? Based on Anthony Grove Hillerman’s novels, Dark Winds is the latest obsession for TV viewers with a soft spot for convoluted crimes, and psychological thrillers.

Set in the Southwest during the 1970s, the TV series follows the two detectives, Leaphorn and Chee, who are forced to confront their past and spirituality to solve a baffling double murder case. With all the action taking place in the Navajo Nation, Dark Winds sees a classic detective story mixed with witchcraft and psychological tension. It’s all very spicy, and in season 1, we saw some supernatural goings on, robbery, and a cliffhanger ending that left many TV fans dying for more.

Well, The Digital Fix is here to help. That’s right, we’ve done some detective work of our own and are ready to share all the intel and details about the Dark Winds season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more. So buckle in, folks, because we’re about to bust this case wide open.

Dark Winds season 2 release date speculation

Good news, friends! Dark Winds season 2 is definitely confirmed and is expected to drop in 2023. But, we don’t know exactly when the series will be hitting our small screens. AMC announced that the TV series was renewed for a new chapter on June 21, 2022.

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We also know that the upcoming instalment will have six episodes. Once production for the show kicks off, we should have a better idea of the production schedule. But if filming follows a similar pattern to season 1, we are guessing that season 2 will likely release sometime in June or July 2023.

However, this is pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Currently, we are still waiting for an official statement from the series’ team. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on this guide as we wait on more updates.

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Dark Winds season 2 plot speculation

Although we don’t have an official plot synopsis for Dark Winds season 2 just yet, thanks to some juicy cliffhangers from season 1, we can begin to paint a speculative picture of what the upcoming chapter will look like.

In the first season of Dark Winds, we saw plenty of revelations come to light, along with some bloodshed. Whitover was revealed to be a long-time scammer hunting the Buffalo society in order to grab his share of the loot instead of bringing them to justice. It is also revealed that Chee was sent to the reservation to be Whitover’s fall guy, so yes, the promotion and raise were all fake – talk about despicable.

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Well, Whitover doesn’t get away with his big plan completely, as he was shot by Guy, with Bernadette and Chee helping to cover up the murder by dragging Whitover’s body and the stolen money into a cave and blowing it up. Season one also saw the death of James Tso, who decided to take his own life instead of surrendering and facing up to his crimes. Pretty heavy, right?

When we last left off, a few months have passed, and Chee has left the FBI, returning to his home after everything he went through. But Leaphorn has some loose ends in the case to tie up and comes a knocking at Chee’s door. It turns out that only Whitover’s body was found in the cave, meaning that Frank Nakai, who was thought to be killed by Whitover in the cave prior to all these events, is actually alive and made off with the money.

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It is safe to say that season 2 will probably see Chee return to the force in order to finish up the case that isn’t over just yet. Nakai is still out there. We are sure more storylines will be introduced too. Since Dark Winds is based on Anthony Grove Hillerman’s literary series Leaphorn & Chee, which has a total of 18 books, there is plenty of inspiration for the writers of Dark Winds season 2 to fall back on.

Season 1 of the show was based on two books in Hillerman’s series, Listening Woman and People of Darkness. Speaking with Variety, the show’s creator Graham Roland did share that the team have already planned which book they will be adapting this time around too. However, he didn’t offer any hints as to which title or titles it is just yet.

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“We talked a lot about the second season, even during the first one, and what book we would tackle next. We have one picked out,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what book it is. I don’t want to step on the new showrunner’s toes. But that’s kind of our model, one book a season.”

We will be sure to let you any more news as soon as we spot some developments, so keep your eye on this page!

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Dark Winds season 2 cast

We can’t have Dark Winds without our two leading detectives, now could we? So, come rain or sunshine, we are positive that Zahn McClarnon will be coming back as Joe Leaphorn and Kiowa Gordon will be gearing up to appear as Jim Chee.

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Joining them, we expect to see Deanna Allison back as Emma Leaphorn, and Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito. As we mentioned above, Nakai isn’t actually dead, so we’re betting that Eugene Brave Rock will appear as Frank at some time in the new instalments too.

Here is the expected cast list for Dark Winds season 2:

  • Zahn McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn
  • Kiowa Gordon as Jim Chee
  • Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito
  • Rainn Wilson as Devoted Dan
  • Rob Tepper as Pete Samuels
  • Elva Guerra as Sally Growing Thunder
  • Jeremiah Bitsui as Hoski
  • Deanna Allison as Emma
  • Eugene Brave Rock as Frank Nakai
  • Nicholas Logan
  • Jeri Ryan

Obviously, Whitover is dead, so it’s unlikely that Noah Emmerich will return. Don’t worry, though; we are expecting to fill the massive void he left with some fresh new faces.

Two of those include Nicholas Logan, and Star Trek series star Jeri Ryan. Ryan is most famous for her excellent portrayal of Star Trek character Seven of Nine, who she played on Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Picard.

It’s expected that more new cast members for Dark Winds season 2 will be announced in the future so watch this space as the cast list above continues to grow.

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And that’s all, folks! Everything we know about the Dark Winds season 2 release date, cast, plot and more. If you are after more thrills, be sure to check out our guides to Fargo season 5, and Squid Game season 2.