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Ridley Scott turned down Disney because he “doesn’t do wizard movies”

Ridley Scott, recalls turning down a big Disney project simply because he "doesn't do wizard movies" or fantasy

Ridley Scott turned down Disney because he "doesn't do wizard movies"

Ridley Scott has tackled many genres throughout his career as a filmmaker. From science fiction movies full of deadly aliens to period pieces all about ruthless gladiators, Scott isn’t afraid to try something new – as long as Dumbledore isn’t involved, that is. In a profile with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott confirmed that he turned down a big deal with Disney due to the fact that he “doesn’t do wizard movies”.

After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, Scott recalled being approached by the studio for a new partnership. However, despite the filmmaker having a longstanding relationship with Fox thanks to the hit sci-fi franchise Aliens, the 84-year old Scott wasn’t on board with Disney’s vision for him. According to the director, the studio offered him the chance to helm an untitled fantasy movie – a genre that Scott was unwilling to break into.

“They wanted me to do a wizard film,” the filmmaker said. “And I don’t do wizard films. It wasn’t a good idea.” The director clarified that he is open to working in many genres but has high standards that he feels need to be met before signing his name onto anything.

“The older I get, the more I look for things which are about something, aren’t just entertainment,” Scott explained. “It must have an effect on somebody.”

Scott’s stance against fantasy isn’t the only thing the filmmaker has spoken candidly about. Previously Scott has blamed millennials for the lacklustre box office reception for his 2021 historical drama movie The Last Duel. However, his outspokenness regarding genre movies or young audiences hasn’t stopped the director from receiving a mountain of work.

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