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Does Renfield have a post credit scene?

If you love Nicolas Cage and if you love vampires, you're in luck. Renfield is here. Here's what we know on Renfield's post credit scene.

Nicholas Hoult in Renfield as Renfield - Does Renfield have a post credit scene

Does Renfield have a post credit scene? Here’s what we know on whether you need to stick around after the end of Renfield.

With the Renfield release date now upon us, audiences across the world will finally get to see Nicolas Cage in a Vampire movie, and as Dracula himself no less. What a delight. Our own Renfield review praised his performance in the horror comedy movie, which is packed full of action and gore. What more could you want? Well, a post credit scene is sometimes nice. Here’s what we know about the Renfield post credit scene.

Does Renfield have a post credit scene?

Renfield does not have a post credit scene. So, while it’s still nice to sit through the credits (and digest the new movie you’ve just seen) in this case if you want to leave as soon as the movie ends you can do so without worrying about missing anything.

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That’s it on the Renfield post credit scene. For more on the horror movie, take a look at our interview with director Chris McKay, or learn how to watch Renfield. You can also read our speculation on the Renfield 2 release date if you’re an eager beaver, before checking out our picks for the best movies of all time.