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Freaky Friday 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

Lindsay Lohan. Jamie Lee Curtis. It's the 2000s again, apparently, and we're here for the nostalgia. Here's what we know about the Freaky Friday 2 release date.

Freaky Friday 2 release date

What is the Freaky Friday 2 release date? Swapping bodies with their mother is a nightmare scenario for just about every teenager. So, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that the novel Freaky Friday has been adapted for the screen four times.

By far the most successful version of Freaky Friday is the 2003 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as the mother and daughter who must learn to respect each other by swapping lives. One of the best 2000s movies ever made, it retains a cult following 20 years later, and now we’re getting a sequel. After all, we love a bit of nostalgia.

So we’ve delved into the legacy of one of the best teen movies ever to find out everything we can about the new movie, including the Freaky Friday 2 release date and cast. It’s time to tell you all about it, unless you want to swap bodies and tell us instead.

Freaky Friday 2 release date speculation

There’s no official Freaky Friday 2 release date as of May 2023, and we wouldn’t expect the movie before 2025.

We learned in May 2023 that Freaky Friday 2 was in the works at Disney, with Elyse Hollander hired to write a script. It seems like we might have the Halloween movies to thank, as Curtis told the New York Times she was inspired to call Disney about Freaky Friday after the press tour for Halloween Ends in 2022.

She said: “As I went around the world with Halloween Ends, people wanted to know if there was going to be another Freaky Friday. Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said: ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made’.”

With a script still not complete, it’s unlikely that Freaky Friday 2 will film before the end of 2023. It seems more likely that the movie could shoot in 2024, ahead of a Freaky Friday 2 release date in 2025. Of course, these things can always take longer.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday 2 cast speculation

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are reprising their roles from the first movie to lead the Freaky Friday 2 cast.

There hasn’t been any further casting news but, frankly, we’re sold as long as those two are on board as Anna Coleman and her mother Tess. After all, they’re the essential ingredients that made the previous film one of the best movies of our childhoods.

We don’t know just yet whether Ryan Malgarini will return as Anna’s brother Harry, or if Mark Harmon will return as Ryan. He and Tess married during the conclusion of the first movie. We could also see more of Chad Michael Murray, who played Anna’s high school crush Jake.

Freaky Friday 2 cast list:

  • Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday 2 plot speculation

We don’t know anything for sure about the Freaky Friday 2 plot at the moment, but we can definitely expect there to be a body swap of some kind.

The first movie saw Anna and Tess trapped in each other’s bodies after eating fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. They were only able to return to their former selves when they showed truly selfless love for each other.

There are numerous sequels to the original Freaky Friday novel by author Mary Rodgers, with one involving the protagonist’s brother switching bodies with their dad before summer camp. There’s another one about betting on horse races, bizarrely.

In 2009, Rodgers joined forces with Heather Hach for a thematic sequel called Freaky Monday about a different family. That followed a schoolgirl who swapped bodies with her teacher. This could potentially be an interesting spine for the new movie, especially if Lohan’s character has decided to step into the classroom as an adult.

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Is there a Freaky Friday 2 trailer?

Nope, there isn’t a Freaky Friday 2 trailer just yet, as we’re still waiting for the movie to go into production.

But look above for a clip of Lindsay Lohan chatting about the prospect of a Freaky Friday sequel in 2022. Did she already know, or was she simply manifesting it into existence?

Where can I watch Freaky Friday 2?

You can’t watch Freaky Friday 2 yet, but the first movie is available to stream on Disney Plus in both the USA and the UK.

That’s everything we know about Freaky Friday 2 for now, but be sure to head back to this guide in the future. We’ll be updating it as soon as we know more about the sequel to one of the best comedy movies of the 2000s.

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