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Exclusive clip: Tommy Egan has plans in Power Book 4 season 2

In an exclusive clip from Power Book 4: Force season 2, Joseph Sikora declares his plans for Chicago as Tommy Egan in the hit thriller series on Lionsgate+.

Joseph Sikora in Power Book 4: Force season 2

Tommy Egan has returned once again for Power Book 4: Force season 2. In the second season of the Power spin-off, Joseph Sikora’s Tommy is continuing his mission to run the streets of Chicago, and in The Digital Fix exclusive clip from one of the best thriller series going, he sounds as adamant as ever.

In the scene from the opening episode of Force season 2, Tommy questions why their operation is answering to Garcia, a new character played by Carmela Zumbado. Tommy starts throwing around the idea of becoming an even bigger player in Chicago, cutting out all the middle-men between him and the cartel. Diamond, played by Isaac Keys, questions the logic.

All recognizable beats for fans of the drama series, who can likely see where this is going for Tommy and Diamond. That arrogance has long been what made Tommy a fan-favorite and Power one of the best TV series going before the various wings of the franchise.

You can view the exclusive Power Book 4 teaser below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Power Book 4: Force began with Tommy starting a new life in Chicago, something that ruffled plenty of feathers. Unperturbed by Walter Flynn, played by Tommy Flanagan of the Sons of Anarchy cast, he continues to make moves in the city, wanting to make every dollar possible.

Things have changed behind the scenes for Power Book 4. Robert Munic has stepped away as showrunner, now replaced by Gary Lennon, who’s been helping to orchestrate the main show for years. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson remains executive producer, the mastermind behind the ever-expanding universe.

Power Book 4: Force season 2 premieres Friday, September 1, 2023, on Lionsgate+. Check out our guide on the Power Book 3: Raising Kanan release date to see what else is going on in the Power universe, and our lists of the best Disney Plus shows, best Paramount Plus shows, and best Netflix series give plenty more viewing options.