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Percy Jackson series gets first teaser trailer

The new Percy Jackson TV series, which will be available on Disney Plus, has got its first teaser trailer and it shows off camp half-blood.

Percy Jackson series release date, trailer, and more: Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson

The new Percy Jackson TV series has got its first teaser trailer, and it’s exactly what fans of the book wanted. The new teaser trailer, which was revealed as part of the D23 2022 event, gives audiences their first look at upcoming fantasy series.

It’s a short teaser which is narrated by Percy Jackson himself as he explains the dangers of being a half-blood. It sees the character in camp half-blood, with his camp half-blood merch on. It also shows a selection of the other half-bloods who are at the camp, some of whom are donned in armour and weaponry.

In the teaser, Percy Jackson talks about being a half-blood, stating that “It’s scary. Most of the time it gets you killed. If you think you might be one of us, my advice is turn away while you still can.”

You can check out the first teaser trailer for the Percy Jackson TV series below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The new series comes off the back of the failure of the movie adaptations, and this time the author of the series, Rick Riordan, is more involved. The series is expected to run for multiple seasons, with each season telling the story of one of Riordan’s books.

The cast for the new series includes the young Walker Scobell, known for his role in The Adam Project, who will play the titular Percy Jackson. He will be joined by Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase, and Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood.

There’s also the potential for previous Percy Jackson actor Logan Lerman to join the cast in some form. The actor has denied his involvement in the series, but let’s just say that he’s not as good at lying as Andrew Garfield.

Percy Jackson series trailer: Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson movie

The series is still in production, and likely won’t be released until early 2024. Upon its release it’ll be available on streaming service Disney Plus. So, you can expect there to be further trailers and updates as progress continues.

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