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Outer Banks star explains love triangle in Netflix series

If you're a fan of Outer Banks, you've surely binged season three by now and Madelyn Cline has given a spoilery interview on Sarah's arc in the YA series

Outer Banks

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 3! Since Outer Banks season 3 hit Netflix on February 23, you’ve probably binged your way through it and reached the finale, which saw the gang finally reaching El Dorado, and John B reunited with his father after such a long search – only to lose him once and for all.

The last episode saw Outer Banks season 4 perfectly teed up in many exciting ways. The Pogues were officially recognised for their historical achievement after an eighteen-month time jump. The present-day story then shifts its focus to a Blackbeard-related adventure teased in the final seconds of the fantasy series.

But what of Sarah, John B, and Topper? In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Madelyn Cline (who plays Sarah) gave her take on the love triangle. “For me, what it ultimately boiled down to was that Sarah’s whole arc follows her finding a new family with the Pogues and her relationship with John B. She’s sacrificed everything, and she’s lost so much in the process and in this new life that she’s chosen.”

Cline continued explaining her character arc in the Netflix series; “And so when she feels like she’s been kicked out of it, like a lot of people do, they go back to what feels familiar; what feels comfortable. And she does that. There’s probably still a part of her that is maybe mourning the loss of her old friends, her old life, when things were comfortable. So, for me, that’s what it was.”

Netflix is currently riding a high with its teen genre shows, including ratings-smashers Stranger Things and Wednesday. YA and coming-of-age TV series, and teen movies are something that Netflix continues to do well, with their YA romance movies still being surprisingly good – a  couple of recent examples being Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between, and Along for the Ride.

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