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Nicolas Cage was even weirder than usual in his new director’s dreams

The Con Air and Face/Off star's new movie, Dream Scenario, is out now. But in the director's dreams, Nicolas Cage was stranger than usual.

Nicolas Cage in Dream Scenario

If you’ve ever dreamed about Nicolas Cage, the actor’s new movie is going to speak directly to you. Titled Dream Scenario, it follows Cage as a beat-down college professor who suddenly appears in everyone’s dreams. Early reviews have been positive, suggesting that it’s one of the actor’s best films of recent years.

Now, the film’s director Kristoffer Borgli has reflected on Nicolas Cage appearing in his own dreams as he prepared to begin shooting the new movie, and the actor was even stranger than usual. “It was just days before he came to set. My dream was that he had changed his mind about the [character’s] baldness and that he wanted to have a Korean pop star hairstyle, which was very big and spiky,” Borgli explained to EW.

That might sound like an outrageous dream, but Cage has become famous for a well-known dedication to his roles. Whether he’s making his best movies or his worst, he never gives anything less than 100%, and it’s his trademark. That involves contributing suggestions for his characters, so Borgli’s dream is one that’s grounded in reality.

The director continued, “So, he came to set with a K-pop hairdo and said, ‘This is the only way I’ll play the character.’ I was forced to make the movie with him looking like that.”

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For a director with a creative vision, that sounds like more of a nightmare than a dream. Now, Dream Scenario is a black comedy, but it does have a serious edge. We think Cage’s suggestion in the director’s dream would have skewed things too far in the comedy direction, changing the tone of the whole film.

As it stands though, critics and audiences love the film as it is, and Cage continues his hot streak. In the past few years, the actor’s starred in Pig, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, The Old Way, and Renfield. All have been either good or great, reminding everyone exactly what he’s capable of and demonstrating his range. He’s been prolific too, and Dream Scenario is Cage’s sixth release of 2023, if you include The Flash in which he had a very brief cameo.

Slowly and steadily, Cage is transforming himself once again into one of Hollywood’s most fascinating actors, turning away from the best action movies to refocus his efforts on drama. Another Oscar nomination, or win, could soon be on its way. Maybe then Cage would once again receive the respect he’s due.

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