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David Lynch’s most divisive movie is now streaming on Netflix

David Lynch is known for his ability to divide audiences when he makes new movies, but none are more divisive than this science fiction movie now on Netflix.

David Lynch in David Lynch: The Art Life

When you think David Lynch movies you don’t really think ‘safe’. That much is evident in what one of the best directors of all time has released into the world, often abstract, romantic, mesmerizing, and slightly maddening.

Whether it’s the dark beauty found in Blue Velvet, one of the best movies ever made with Mulholland Drive, or his most auteurist films like the mind-melting Inland Empire, you’ll certainly have… an experience. And, hey, you can have a David Lynch trip again if you’re in the US and are wondering what’s new on Netflix.

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Lynch’s Dune adaptation is now streaming on Netflix in the US. You may have seen and loved Denis Villeneuve’s version starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, so just be aware that the production values and prestige of the older one may not live up to that.

But if you’re interested in seeing what Lynch going semi-commercial looks like, now’s your chance. Calling Dune’s premise commercial is probably a stretch, though, the source material is weird. But being one of the most influential science-fiction books ever written, it was meant to draw in crowds.

Dune was met with a tepid response and Lynch doesn’t seem to favor it, rarely mentioning its name (check out some of his issues in the above interview clip), but it’s a curious beast and worth a spin for the morbidly curious ahead of the Dune 2 release date.

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