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2021’s most unlikely action movie is hitting big on Netflix

One of the best movies from 2021 has become a smash hit on Netflix after landing on the streaming service in the run up to Christmas.

Nobody, John Wick, and Extraction stars together

It’s always worth keeping an eye on the Netflix charts, which tell us what movies and TV series audiences across the world are devouring in their downtime. Usually, you’ll find that these charts are dominated by new Netflix original releases (like the thriller Leave The World Behind) and a handful of older movies that have been newly added to the streaming service.

This week, Netflix viewers are enjoying the resurgence of 2021’s best action movie (yes, really) Nobody, which has recently arrived new on Netflix and is now at #6 on the charts. The film stars Bob Odenkirk in the leading role as the deadly Hutch: an ex-government assassin who becomes embroiled in the affairs of a Russian villain.

With Odenkirk taking center stage, this was one of the most surprising new movies of 2021. The actor had previously focussed his career almost exclusively on comedy, and even his iconic role in Breaking Bad as Saul Goodman was a primarily comedic performance. He leaned further into emotional drama in his spin-off Better Call Saul, but nobody predicted that he could become one of the world’s greatest action stars in his late 50s.

But, through determination and an awe-inspiring physical overhaul, Odenkirk dominated the movie, managing to convince as the almost-merciless killer. The rest of the movie manages to keep up with Odenkirk’s pace too, and is an exceptionally well-made and entertaining ride from start to finish. Despite its unlikely nature, it’s really no surprise that the movie has won over new fans on the streaming service.

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In the aftermath of John Wick, and alongside the likes of Extraction, Nobody is part of a new wave of action movies that prioritize exceptional fight choreography, crunchy action, hyper-violence, and craft camera work. This year’s John Wick 4 – read our John Wick 4 review for more on that – proved that this new sub-genre is just as popular as ever, meaning that a sequel to Nobody is a promising prospect.

Thankfully, that sequel was greenlit back in 2022. However, progress updates about the Nobody 2 release date have been sparse, no doubt interrupted by 2023’s Hollywood strikes. Surely, with Nobody’s smash success on Netflix this week, the desire to get a sequel onto cinema screens should be accelerating.

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