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One of the best teen movies ever is now streaming on Netflix

One of the most iconic best teen movies has been added to Netflix in the US, and we really think you should watch it while it's still there if you never have.

Tina Fey in Mean Girls

Netflix‘s acquired catalog is pretty great. Because of how much competition exists, even the best streaming services are full of content they themselves produce or own instead of licensed-out content from other studios. The downside is, those deals eventually expire.

As is the case with one of the best teen movies ever — and we’re confident about calling it that. In the US, an iconic 2000s movie just got added to Netflix, and it’s one you want to try and see before it’s wrestled away from you in the future.

Mean Girls is now new on Netflix. And if you’ve never seen it, you can’t sit with us, even if you are wearing pink.

We probably don’t need to explain Mean Girls to you, it’s a pop-culture staple. But we will say that if you’ve not seen it since your teen or young adult years, it may be a lot better than you remember it being.

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Good satire has a wonderful way of aging well, and movies that initially don’t seem particularly bright can come into their own as their audience gain knowledge and life experience. This is one of those if you ask us.

Its biting humor, nuanced takes on the tribalism of high school cafeterias, and Tina Fey-ness in the Mean Girls cast are outstanding. You can see its influence everywhere, like in prolific producer Ryan Murphy’s comedy work in the 2010s, for example.

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