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This action movie just jumped to the top of the Netflix charts

This new action movie just jumped straight to the top of Netflix's top ten movies chart in the UK, and now we know what we're pressing play on tonight.

Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding

One of 2023’s new movies just jumped to the top of the Netflix charts in the UK, and we’re enticed. Joining some of the best action movies available on the streaming service, there’s now another card in Netflix‘s deck.

If you’ve already made your way through most of the best Netflix movies, you might want to give this new action flick starring an A-list actor a spin.

The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez, is number one in the UK right now, so if you’re looking for something to talk up, or make fun of, with your watercooler buddies, this is it.

The Mother is the latest in a recent influx of projects on the streamer that position household names — who are past the typical action hero age — as loner, rugged, survivors.

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Allison Janney (Lou), Noomi Rapace (Close), and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Kate) are but a few of the names who have been given this treatment in recent years, with varying results. Like in those other films, Lopez’s character uses her killer instincts to protect a young woman in this new action film.

Joining in on the movies like John Wick trend, The Mother is currently sitting in the low 40s on Rotten Tomatoes but has landed itself a cool spot on Netflix’s homepage.

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