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Murderville season 2 release date speculation, cast, and more

Here's everything worth knowin on the Murderville season 2 release date as well as who will be in the Netflix series, and what crimes will go down.

Murderville season 2 release date

When will the Murderville season 2 release date be? If you don’t know the name Terry Seattle yet, then you haven’t lived. Will Arnett stars as the comical detective in the show, joining forces with guest stars to solve crimes.

The catch to the comedy series is, none of the guests have a script or know what’s coming next, operating purely on their improvisation skills. In truth, Seattle doesn’t really know what he’s doing either, though, so it’s not like he’s at an advantage.

We do want to know what’s coming next in the Netflix series, however. More specifically, we are looking ahead to the Murderville season 2 release date to see what crimes will go down in the TV series next, and who will be involved.

Murderville season 2 release date speculation

We don’t currently know the  Murderville season 2 release date, and the show hasn’t actually been given a greenlight for more episodes from Netflix yet.

The first season of the show was released on the streaming service in February 2022. With no announcement on a season 2 just yet, we don’t anticipate any new episodes coming in 2023, so February 2024 makes sense for season 2 to drop.

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Murderville season 2 plot speculation

Nothing has been revealed about the Murderville season 2 plot yet, but one thing’s certain — there will be more criminal activity and more haphazard detective skills from Terry Seattle.

In season 1, we saw Seattle and his long line of crime-fighting partners get to the bottom of an array of grizzly murders. Each victim and scenario is different, so it’s hard to guess the finer details of any prospective cases in season 2, but let’s just say there’ll be more dead bodies turning up.

There’s also the recurring subplot of Terry Seattle dealing with the fallout of the divorce from his wife – after all, every great detective movie needs a troubled protagonist, right? That part of his personal life will probably be addressed again in season 2.

Murderville season 2 release date: Will Arnett and Ken Jeong in Murderville

Murderville season 2 cast speculation

The only name we would place a bet on returning for Murderville season 2 is Will Arnett, who would surely be the starring man as detective Terry Seattle once more.

Beyond that, given the fact that season 1 featured a different guest star in each episode, it’s hard to guess who will show up. Once the second season is announced and starts to take shape, we’re sure guest stars will be revealed.

That’s all we know about the Murderville season 2 release date for now. For more detective fun, check out our guides to the Perry Mason season 2 release date or The Batman 2 release date.