Perry Mason season 2 release date, cast, trailer, and plot rumours

If you want to know the Perry Mason season 2 release date, and what is in store for the detective, we have unravelled all the mysteries for you

Perry Mason season 2 release date: Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason

What is the Perry Mason season 2 release date? Perry Mason is the latest in a long line of hit HBO series to intrigue and excite its audiences, and the great news is, there’s more to come! With news that Perry Mason will get a second season, we dive into the many mysteries that this show has to offer, and get you all the answers you need to prepare for the next instalment of the neo-noir series.

The TV series, Perry Mason, first aired in June 2020. Just a month after the premiere, HBO announced the thriller series had been renewed for a second season. The show is set in 1930s America, with the country recovering from the Great Depression. The titular character, played by Matthew Rhys, is a down-and-out private investigator, who has personal demons to battle and a huge kidnapping case to solve.

But, when can we expect to see the new season on our small screens? And who will be back for more detective drama? We’ve done all the digging we can and got the intel for you! From the Perry Mason season 2 release date, cast, plot and more here is everything you need to know about the hit series.

Perry Mason season 2 release date

It has been confirmed that the Perry Mason season 2 release date is March 6 2023, on HBO and HBO Max. 

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The Good news is that his date is pretty much set in stone.  So it is time to start renewing those subscriptions, friends!Perry Mason season 2 release date: man with a camera

Perry Mason season 2 trailer

HBO released the first Perry Mason season 2 trailer on December 7, 2022 and you can watch it right here.

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Perry Mason season 2 plot speculation

In typical neo-noir fashion, the team behind Perry Mason season 2 are keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to revealing plot details. But we have unravelled the mysteries as much as we can at this stage to offer you some answers.

By the end of the first season, Perry has found a new purpose and has become a fully-fledged defence attorney, having launched Mason and Associates with Della Street (Juliet Rylance) and detective Paul Drake (Chris Chalk). The trio’s continued fight for justice in a crooked world will be the key focus of Perry Mason season 2.

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Judging by the first season of the drama series, it’s reasonable to assume that season 2 will again track just one, big case for the team. What that case will be however, remains to be seen, though there are plenty of novels upon which the show is based, that could offer some clues.

Back in May 2021, star Matthew Rhys also told Deadline “You are picking up where you left off, to a degree, but you’re also beginning something completely new and different. Being the person he is, experiencing the judicial system and its obstacles, I think will be very interesting, hopefully.”

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Sounds fairly obscure, to be honest, but it looks like Perry Mason has a bumpy road ahead of him. Co-star Shea Wigham had a little more to offer, explaining to Collider that the next season will see Mason “in the soup again” and he hopes his character, Strickland, “can help him navigate that.”

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Who will be in the Perry Mason season 2 cast?

Let’s start with an easy one. Matthew Rhys will indeed return as the titular character in Perry Mason season 2. Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

Alongside him, we will see Juliet Rylance and Chris Chalk reprise their roles as Della Street and Paul Drake, respectively. This makes sense, seeing as the duo just helped Mason launch his law firm, Mason and Associates.

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As mentioned previously, Shea Wigham will be involved in season 2 again, with his character Pete Strickland hoping to assist Perry Mason in any way he can.

Unfortunately, one name who won’t be returning for the next season is Tatiana Maslany. The actor, who played Sister Alice in season 1, has had to pull out of the show due to scheduling conflicts. We suspect this could have something to do with the Marvel series She-Hulk.

That’s all we know about Perry Mason season 2 for now, but we will keep digging through our case files and update you as soon as we catch any more hot leads.

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