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Mission: Impossible 7 has been ludicrously expensive to make

The upcoming instalment in the Mission: Impossible franchise has encountered a whole host of issues and delays, and it's cost a fortune to make

Mission Impossible 7 has cost a fortune to make

We all know that the Mission: Impossible franchise exists on a higher plane to most other action movies, with its incredible set pieces and truly wild stunts. But now, it has been revealed that the upcoming sequel in the thriller movie series, Mission: Impossible 7, has been an extremely costly venture in filmmaking.

The escapades of Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt and his endless pursuit to save the world from villainous foes was always going to cost a pretty penny, but the latest Mission: Impossible movie has reportedly gone way above the intended budget. Indeed, the budget for each film has been rising steadily through the 26 years that the series has been going.

The first Mission: Impossible movie cost $80m to make in 1996, while the most recent addition to the spy movie series Mission: Impossible – Fallout cost more than double that, at a whopping $178m. Now, it has been revealed that Mission: Impossible 7, which has been plagued by Covid-19 delays, has ended up costing an unfathomable $290m to bring to life!

The well-documented issues with the production, largely stemming from the relentless pandemic causing delays to shooting, and now the film’s release, have burned a huge hole in the pockets of Paramount, the studio producing the movie.

Apparently, the budget is reportedly tens of millions more than was initially hoped it would cost to make Mission: Impossible 7, and this is not even factoring in the immediate sequel, Mission: Impossible 8 which is set to follow similar delays.

Mission: Impossible 7 was first planned to start shooting in February 2020, but Covid-19 obviously saw that schedule fly out of the window, much like a Tom Cruise stunt! Insiders say the shoot has had to stop and start production several times over the last two years, due to further outbreaks of the virus.

Mission: Impossible 7 is costing a fortune to make

The problem, it seems, is the fact that the movie is set to jump around various countries for its story, and both Cruise and the movie’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, like to shoot in real locations. This is great, of course, but definitely adds to the cost of an already huge production.

Mission: Impossible 7, and ultimately 8, look set to provide a fitting finale for Tom Cruise and Ethan Hunt, with Cruise and the team surely wanting to push the boat out and make this a special end to the franchise with some insane, death-defying stunts.

Due to delays, you can now expect to see Mission: Impossible 7 in theatres July 2023, and the final film in the series has been pushed to June 2024. Until then, here are some of the best disaster movies to sate your appetite for destruction and chaos.