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Men trailer reveals Alex Garland’s new A24 horror movie

Jessie Buckley gets terrorised in the trailer for Men, Alex Garland's mysterious new horror movie from A24 that also features Rory Kinnear

A24 has just released the new trailer for Alex Garland’s Men, a horror movie starring Jessie Buckley. We couldn’t tell you much about what it’s about, but it feels genuinely menacing.

In the teaser, Buckley plays a woman wandering through a forest trail, when she happens across a tunnel. She yells out to test the echo. Then it switches to her in an empty church, followed by what seems to be her back garden. A man stands in front of her, played by Rory Kinnear, but in an instant he’s gone. This seems like a trick of editing, until the camera closes in on Buckley’s face, and she appears bewildered.

She’s being terrorised by Kinnear’s character, who’s stalking her at a distance. One shot has him down the road, standing in a graveyard, lit from behind so you can only see his outline. Another time he’s at the postbox of her front door, where she asks why he’s doing this. Finally, the trailer returns to that tunnel, where she’s confronted by him again, and this time, he starts running at her.

No synopsis is given, which is good, because honestly, knowing the tone of this thriller movie is more valuable.

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This is Garland’s third time writing and directing, after the robot movie Ex Machina, and the monster movie Annihilation. Both of those are commonly regarded as science fiction movie greats of the modern age. In between Annihilation and now, he did sci-fi series Devs, with Nick Offerman. Buckley just scored her first Oscar nomination, Best Supporting Actress for her part in drama movie The Lost Daughter.

We’ll find out more of what Men is about when it comes to theatres on May 11. Check out the best Netflix horror movies for more chills.