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Today is the perfect day to watch Mean Girls for one specific reason

Happy Mean Girls day, it might not be a Wednesday, but today is the perfect day to watch this iconic teen movie. So be sure to head to Paramount Plus.


Open up your Burn Book, don your best pink outfit, and have an awesome time, drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and soak up each other’s awesomeness — because today is Mean Girls Day!

Released in 2004, Mean Girls is indisputably one of the best movies of all time — maintaining a legacy nearly twenty years following its release. Starring Lindsay Lohan, the best teen movie ever made follows new transfer and misfit Cady Heron (Lohan), as she works to slowly infiltrate The Plastics — the school’s indisputable Queen Bees — and bring them down from the inside.

With its razor-sharp insight into teen life and endless quotable moments, it’s easy to see why Mean Girls is among the best comedy movies — and in fact, it’s because of one quotable moment in particular that Mean Girls Day even exists.

Early on in the film, Cady finds herself infatuated with Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett), the boyfriend of The Plastics’ top dog, and her frenemy, Regina George (Rachel McAdams). Like all of us who go a bit delulu, Cady started painstakingly recalling and adding significance to every innocuous interaction with Aaron Samuels — including a fateful day in class when he asked her what day it was…

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There’s something about the delivery of the line — where it cuts to Cady saying “October 3rd” after literally just establishing it was October 3rd via voiceover — that has led to it becoming one of the defining pop culture moments of the ‘2000s. We all know the internet loves dates in movies, but the October 3 meme has become such a beast upon itself, that it has become part of an international celebration known as ‘Mean Girls Day.’

You could argue that we should stop trying to make Mean Girls Day happen, but given all the stars have referenced the iconic meme in some way over the years on social media, we’re going to continue to unapologetically celebrate this holiday.

If you’re wondering how to watch the best ‘2000s movie yourself, you needn’t feel personally victimized by streaming services. Mean Girls is available to stream now on Paramount Plus. And once you’re done with that high school drama, check out our guide to all the new movies coming out this year, or head over to Evermore High with our guide to Wednesday season 2. So fetch.