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What is Gravik’s plan in Secret Invasion?

If you're wondering what is Gravik's plan in Secret Invasion, here's a breakdown of his wily tactics, Super-Skrull plans, and ideas to fight the MCU's Avengers

Gravik in Secret Invasion episode 1

What is Gravik’s plan in Secret Invasion? Thanks to this week’s episode of Secret Invasion, we are starting to get a fully-formed idea of what the New Skrullos leader has in store for Earth.

As for the radical’s plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve done a Secret Invasion episode 3 recap and a guide to Super-Skrulls explained, but how do all these strings tie together?

Here’s all we know so far about the next steps of the Marvel series and Gravik’s plan in Secret Invasion.

What is Gravik’s plan in Secret Invasion?

Gravik’s plan is to create Super-Skrulls to battle Avengers, and use body-swapped human officials in the military and government to start World War III so he can strike while they’re vulnerable.

The main cog here is the invasion of high-level institutions like the US government and military. Gravik is aware top-tier Marvel Cinematic Universe characters will be called into action if the Skrull invasion loses its shroud of cover, so he plans to instigate conflict and seed chaos between humans so that resources are deployed elsewhere and humanity is vulnerable.

Skrulls then plan to attack, leaving the Avengers spread thin and fighting his Super-Skrulls, which have powers that level the playing field. Fair’s fair, it’s a great scheme.

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