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Secret Invasion episode 3 recap — planes, trains, and automobiles

In our Secret Invasion episode 3 recap, we discuss Nick Fury's Skrull wife, Gravik's Super Skrull plans, a nuclear submarine strike, and the ending explained.

Emilia Clarke as G'iah in Secret Invasion episode 3

Secret Invasion episode 3 recap. We’re now halfway through Nick Fury’s solo series, which is rather jarring. This episode finally introduces some more tension and darkness.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s thriller show is taking its sweet time to really progress things but makes some killer moves this week. Keep on top of the Secret Invasion release schedule with us because we will be going full spoiler mode here.

In our Secret Invasion episode 3 recap, the Marvel series introduces a nefarious plot that fans the flames of war, shows another side to Gravik, and expands on Nick and Talos’ issues with each other.

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We begin with dossiers, a sign that a thriller is worth its salt. Royal Navy personnel are pictured on the front, and they’re handed out to New Skrullos lackeys to impersonate. Gravik, meanwhile, gives the Council a tour of the base and tells them he sent Skrulls to infiltrate the Navy and execute a strike against a United Nations target in order to create chaos and distract Earth’s heroes.

He also tells them about Super-Skrulls, and the plan to manufacture conflict between humanity’s factions so they can hit them when they’re distracted and vulnerable.

We then flashback to 1998, where Nick meets up with Varra [Priscilla’s Skrull name], his future wife. They’re flirty, and she gives him some intel on Dreykov [that rotten villain from Black Widow]. Varra has chosen a human form and seems to be working with Talos as part of Fury’s spy network; more on that later.

Gravik and G'iah in Secret Invasion episode 3

In the present, Priscilla reveals it has been years since Fury was last home. Nick, naturally accusatory, asks her if she’s in touch with Gravik. We find out she grieved for him over the blip and that when he snapped back, she wanted to start again, but he left for space.

She answers a mysterious call, indicating she’s still some sort of operative, but doesn’t tell Fury what’s going on. They both seem to be withholding, not fully trusting the other. A perfect match, really.

G’iah wakes up in the New Skrullos base, and Gravik tells her Brogan, the captured Skrull from Secret Invasion episode 2, got tortured by Sonya for information. Gravik is suspicious that it was actually her who spilled beans and not Brogan, but she seems to get away with it, for now.

Emilia Clarke as G'iah in Secret Invasion episode 3

The pair of them then travel to Talos’ parley, extended in the previous episode. While driving, Gravik answers a call and gives someone coordinates on a UN plane and Neptune, a nuclear submarine.

When her boss exits the car, G’iah covertly texts the coordinates to someone else. Later, we find out the information makes its way to Fury and Talos, demonstrating where her loyalties lie.

The parley takes place in a museum cafe and honestly achieves nothing. Kingsley Ben-Adir, who plays the Skrull general, is a lot of fun in this episode, bringing a playful quality to the table that’s a bit scary. “I like a little espresso with my sugar.” he quips with a grin while dumping copious amounts of the sweet stuff into his coffee. Here’s a clip from the scene below.

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He also keeps bringing up G’iah to piss off Talos, who lunges at him, which induces a response from everyone else in the cafe, who reveal themselves as Skrulls. Talos then threatens to tell the world about their cover, ruining their anonymity and the element of surprise.

Gravik pushes back, saying that’ll end their species, while Talos reasons that humans will distinguish between his side and Gravik’s. Although, he still hasn’t followed through on the threat, so maybe in the back of his mind, he knows humanity, unfortunately, is likely to paint his species with one brush.

Talos stabs Gravik’s hand with a butter knife, and surprisingly he does look a little taken aback and not willing to escalate at that moment. Perhaps in that sudden moment, he felt like a young boy again in the face of the angered former Skrull general.

Talos and Gravik in Secret invasion episode 3

Nick and Talos reunite in a pub, and Nick asks for Talos’ help with a lead on the Navy submarine’s captain. But Talos is done being unappreciated and plays around with him a bit before agreeing.

Nick calls Sonya about Neptune, and she tells him she knows he bugged her owl statue in episode 1. By this point, it’s clear the Skrulls’ plan is a Neptune launch on the UN plane to start World War III. Luckily, Sonya furnishes Fury with the captain’s name and address.

Nick and Talos go to stop the launch by stopping the captain, who’s a Skrull, of course. While driving, they talk about the past; Nick refuses to acknowledge how much Skrulls helped him, while Talos argues 20 Skrulls signed on as Fury’s spy network, and that’s how he ascended the SHIELD ranks.

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Eventually, they break into the captain’s house. After failing to get information from him, Talos shoots him. This is significant because up until now, he’s avoided killing at all costs. There, they realize G’iah’s cover within Skrullos is in danger. Instead of warning her right there and then, Talos asks her to find the codeword to stop the launch because they couldn’t get it from the captain.

She gets to work in Skrullos, accessing the real captain’s memories while he sits in a pod-thingy all the humans whose lives were stolen are held in. She finds the codeword, the captain’s son’s name, and gives it to Talos. Interestingly, before the Skrull captain was shot, he displayed actual care and concern for the boy, a wrinkle worth noting.

Talos aborts the strike by simulating the captain’s voice and using the codeword, and he advises his daughter to run. There’s no way her cover survives the events of the episode.

Emelia Clarke in Secret Invasion

G’iah is caught by Gravik on her way out, though. He put 2+2 together and shoots her. We’re not shown if she’s truly dead, but she reverts to her Skrull form, which happens when Skrulls pass. She could have done this intentionally, however. We are skeptical the series would waste Emilia Clarke like this.

The episode ends with Priscilla leaving home and traveling. She looks nervous. She goes to a lock box and retrieves a gun, and then answers her phone again, saying she needs to speak to Gravik. Our thinking is she’ll probably be asked to assassinate her husband.

And that’s episode 3, recapped! For more nitty-gritty on this week’s drama, check out if G’iah is really dead in Secret Invasion episode 3 and what Super Skrull powers des Gravik has in Secret Invasion.

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