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Secret Invasion’s Black Widow cameo explained

Nick Fuury can't trust anyone in the new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion so he truned to an old friend we haven't seen since the Marvel movie, Black Widow.

Black Widow cameo in Secret Invasion explained: Nick Fury and the Black Widow

Who from Black Widow makes an appearance in Secret Invasion? In the new DIsney Plus series Secret Invasion Nick Fury is dealing with an invasion of shape-shifting aliens and can trust no one.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s top spy still has a few friends left, and he turned to one in Secret Invasion episode 5. The last time we saw this MCU character was in the spy movie Black Widow (Check out our Black Widow review for more on that). But did you recognize the cameo? Be honest, there was no shame in missing it. No? OK, well, here’s Secret Invasion’s Black Widow cameo explained. Warning spoilers for the Disney Plus show ahead.

Secret Invasion’s Black Widow cameo explained

Rick Mason (O-T Fagbenle), the MCU’s best travel agent, made a surprise appearance in Secret Invasion. Last we saw Rick, he’d organized a Quinjet for Black Widow, and it seems he’s still great at booking travel for Marvel’s shadiest spies. 

In Secret Invasion, Rick helps Fury escape England by arranging a private jet to take the former head of SHIELD to Finland. He even flies it for Fury as well. Talk about service. You don’t get that when you book American Airlines.

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