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Patrick Stewart calls another MCU return “a possibility”

It seems Patrick Stewart just can't leave Professor Xavier behind, with the actor teasing he would consider returning to the MCU (again).

Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men

Few actors can claim absolute synonymity with a character, but Patrick Stewart is definitely the one and only when it comes to Professor Charles Xavier. It figures then, that there’s talk of him reprising the role of the X-Men character for the MCU once more.

The MCU is bringing mutants to the fore in the near future, and we can’t wait to see how they affect the sacred timeline. It’s very likely the upcoming Marvel movie, Deadpool 3, will be the key to opening that particular door, but will Patrick Stewart be part of the new wave of mutants?

Well, when asked about the chances of his X-Men character returning for Deadpool 3 or Avengers: Secret Wars, Stewart very cheekily hinted it could happen. “I cannot put [the rumor] to rest because it’s not a fact, either for or against,” Stewart told ETalk. “It is a possibility.”

Stewart is well aware of the fact his character would need to be quite literally resurrected, but when has that stopped a superhero movie? “Hugh Jackman and I looked upon Logan as our farewell, given that I died in that film. Although I’ve been told I’ve actually died several times already… How do I do it?” Stewart added. “Know that [it’s a possibility] and you could get lucky.”

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I mean, as far as teases go, that’s a pretty hefty one. Yes, Scarlet Witch may have snapped Xavier’s head in two during Doctor Strange 2, but that was in a different timeline. Plus, we’ve already seen Kelsey Grammer’s Beast in The Marvels post-credit scene, and he mentions “Charles,” too. Were that particular Charles not to be Stewart’s iteration, that’d be strange.

Honestly, I’m usually on the side of leaving things in the past—once a character dies, I think the actor should move on and the franchise shouldn’t touch that character again—but there’s something special about Patrick Stewart’s Xavier, and having the mutants in the MCU without him just wouldn’t feel right.

Deadpool 3 already promises to be full of cameos and Easter eggs, judging by snapshots from behind the scenes on the new movie. With Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine, too, I would gamble my mortgage on the fact that Stewart will pop up at some point.

We’ve a little while to wait until we know for sure, but until then, you could watch the Marvel movies in order (and you’ve probably got time to watch the X-Men movies in order, too). Looking ahead, you can learn all about Marvel’s Phase 5, and dive into everything we know about the Captain America 4 release date.