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Marvel Zombies is almost done, completes one MCU star’s “fantasies”

That moaning noise you can hear is the sound of Marvel Zombies shuffling towards us, but don't worry the MCu's best new hero will save us.

Marvel Zombies is nearly done

Of all the MCU spin-off series currently in the works, Marvel Zombies is probably the one we’re most excited about. It just sounds so much darker than the standard Marvel fare and will allow the vaunted studio to tell stories it otherwise couldn’t. Still, our hype has only grown after learning from Iman Vellani that the show is nearly done and that the one and only Ms Marvel is set to be the lead.

That’s right, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest and potentially greatest hero Kamala Khan (she’s our new favorite Marvel character, sorry, Spider-Man), will be the star of Marvel Zombies and will lead the charge against the undead ghouls plaguing our heroes in the Marvel series.

“We’ve done the whole thing. It was amazing. It was so much fun. And I love—there are a lot of cool characters in the Marvel Zombies show,” Vellani told The Direct. “Kamala is kind of the center of the show. They described it to me, it’s like, ‘She’s basically the Frodo of the story.’ And I was like, ‘That’s amazing.'”

“And I get to interact and meet all these people along her journey. And, yes, they’re only the voices, and I don’t get to hear their voices in real-time,” she continued. “But just, it’s my fantasies, right? Like, knowing Kamala is going to interact with some really cool people, even if it’s just animation, is so special in a lot of ways.”

It’s hardly surprising to learn Marvel has given Kamala a central role in one of their upcoming stories (although making it Marvel Zombies is a bold choice, I have to admit). Fans and critics widely agree that the character is one of the best additions to the MCU in Marvel’s Phase 4, and she was the highlight of The Marvels (read our The Marvels review for more on that).

Vellani has also become a sort of ambassador for the flagging MCU. In recent interviews, she’s been a passionate advocate for Marvel and superhero movies in general, even going so far as to offer advice on how to generate Endgame-level hype again.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s about just getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” she told The Direct. “Because then, like, what’s left? You know, I think it’s just about making the audience care about their characters. And I think they’ve established so many wonderful characters in the last phase of the MCU that it would be nice to see them all again and see them team up.

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I’ll be honest: I just think Vellani wants to meet some other MCU cast members. What do you think?

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