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Does Loki season 2 episode 2 have a post-credit scene?

The first episode of Loki season 2 featured a surprising end credits scene. Now you'll need to know if Loki season 2 episode 2 continues the post credit trend.

Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, and other characters in Loki - Does Loki season 2 episode 2 have a post-credit scene

A Loki season 2 episode 2 post-credit scene would be nice, right? But does the latest episode of the show have one, like the first did?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, and in the case of Loki, that’s no bad thing because this is one of the best TV series around right now. As we explain in our Loki season 2 review, the latest Marvel series adventure is a must-watch for any MCU fans, and in terms of quality, it still stands head and shoulders above the likes of Secret Invasion. In fact, next time you decide to rewatch the Marvel movies in order from the start, you’ll have to think about (somehow) slotting Loki in too. It’s that good. Now a new episode is out, and like the first, does Loki season 2 episode 2 have a post-credit scene?

Does Loki season 2 episode 2 have a post-credit scene?

No, the second episode of Loki season 2 doesn’t have a post-credit scene, unfortunately.

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Instead, the show cuts to credits after (warning: spoilers ahead for the conclusion to the episode) the end of the episode which sees Loki, Mobius, and Brad Wolfe find Sylvie simply enjoying her new life working at McDonald’s in a different branch of the timeline. Loki explains that he saw Sylvie in the future as the TVA was being destroyed before Brad Wolfe reveals that Dox is about to prune this branch of the timeline.

Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius (three of the best Marvel characters by any measure) find Dox and stop her, but not before she manages to wipe out billions by snuffing out multiple timelines. We then see Sylvie back at her McDonald’s, lying on the hood of her car while processing the destruction that Dox just unleashed by excessively and brutally pruning the timeline. Unlike the first episode of Loki season 2, we don’t get anything more than that.

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