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New Moon Knight poster and images released by Marvel

Marvel have released a poster, new images and a new 30-second teaser for Disney Plus TV show Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight

Marvel have released a new poster and images of Disney Plus’ Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke to go with a 30-second TV spot during the Superbowl. The new teaser doesn’t show much that is new, except for Moon Knight creating a crescent moon shape with his cape – making him look extremely like a certain caped crusader.

The images do give us a better look at the suit, which is a silvery-grey all over, a little like mummy bandages which cover everything including the face and head. The eyes glow out of the facial bandages. There are criss-crossed gauntlets on the arms, a full-moon shaped amulet on the chest, boots and knee-pads and then the silvery cape with hood.

Moon Knight is an antihero with multiple personalities. When we first meet him, he is living in London, has a cockney (?) accent and is going by the name Steven. He gets a phone call from an American woman who calls him Marc, which confuses him. Moon Knight suffers from sleeping problems, possibly including narcolepsy because he seems to wake up in situations and isn’t sure how he got there.

You can see the new 30-second Big Game TV Spot here;

You can see the tweet with the poster here;

And the newly-released images here;

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