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Deadpool wore the Venom symbiote before Spider-Man

The black and white Spider-Man costume from Venom was game changing for Marvel Comics, but Deadpool actually got to try on the look for himself first.

Deadpool in Secret Wars

Back in 1984, Spider-Man‘s black suit was introduced during Secret Wars, and Marvel continuity was forever changed. Besides looking hella cool, the Venom symbiote swiftly became a mainstay of Spider-Man canon, recurring as one of the best Spider-Man villains.

But, Spidey technically wasn’t the first Marvel hero to wear that costume. In a creative retcon, none other Deadpool got to try on the Venom ensemble before Spidey made the iconic change. During Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars by Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli, Ruth Redmond, and Joe Sabino, the Merc with a Mouth tried o the symbiote first, and liked it.

In the book, featuring Secret Wars retold by Deadpool because why note, he’s guided towards the machine Venom comes from by MCU characters Hulk and Thor. Wade comes out the other side decked out in black and white – something he loves, and we have to admit suits him very well. Wade would make a good Spider-Man actor one day!

Deadpool only keeps the look on for a short while, eventually realizing they just aren’t compatible. Don’t worry Venom, it’s not you – it’s him. “I can feel it, like a living thing feeding on my own thoughts, and that’s just not fair to do to a sentient life-form,” Deadpool says, removing the symbiote.

Deadpool wearing the Venom symbiote

After putting it away, we know Peter Parker gets his hands on it after his original costume gets wrecked during Secret Wars. But Wade left a mark, because the implication is that the symbiotic relationship causes heightened aggression, hence what happens to Peter when he wears it. And Eddie Brock, and everyone else.

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That Deadpool, eh? Somehow, we can’t see this being addressed when the Deadpool 3 release date comes, but we’d love to see Ryan Reynolds dawn that black and white costume, even just for Hugh Jackman’s reaction as Wolverine.

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