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Deadpool’s version of the Spider-Verse would wreak havoc on the MCU

Audiences have embraced the Spider-Verse because Spider-Man is so delightful, it's fun to have lots of them in a movie. The same cannot be said for Deadpool.

Deadpool family

As we all know, the merc with the mouth – Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool – can be a lot. He has a big, relentless personality that is very much in-your-face, whether you like it or not, and he wields being annoying as if it’s one of his superpowers. And if you think one Deadpool can be overwhelming, imagine a whole family of Deadpools.

In the comics, thanks to the ever-present multiverse, there is such a thing as the Deadpool Corps, sometimes known as the Deadpool Family – and we should probably be grateful that they haven’t made their way into the MCU yet. It’s a team of Deadpools from alternate universes, and just like in the Spider-Verse movies – there are some pretty cool Deadpool variants. Whether any of them crop up in the new movie Deadpool 3 remains to be seen.

There’s a woman named – you guessed it – Wanda Wilson, a child named Kidpool, there’s a dog named Dogpool, there’s an evil Deadpool called Dreadpool, and there’s even a zombie called Headpool – sometimes known as the merc with half a mouth. The variant who would have the biggest impact if unleashed is definitely Dreadpool, as in the comics he wiped out all the other Deadpools at one stage, and also killed the Marvel universe.

Given that the big news regarding Deadpool 3 is of course the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, it’s unlikely that they will cram in a whole family of extra Deadpools. However, given Ryan Reynolds’ fondness for stuffing Deadpool movies full of A-list cameos, you never know. And it would make for a great post-credits scene.

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The other big change is that Deadpool is in the MCU, so the potential for other Marvel characters to feature is now very high. We’ve had the exciting announcement that Jennifer Garner’s Elektra is making a comeback. Elsewhere in the cast, we know that The Crown’s Emma Corrin is playing a villain, and Succession‘s Matthew Macfadyen also has a role.

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