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Deadpool 3 set photos prove how weird that film’s going to be

Deadpool 3 set photos continue to pour in, and a recent one features a giant object that proves how wacky Marvel's new multiverse movie is hoping to be.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announcing Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 set photos are a dime a dozen now, apparently. Because out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s new movies, Deadpool 3 is the one we’re getting the most insight on. And now, we’ve got another one that indicates the film’s zany quality.

Before the Deadpool 3 release date even gets close, we’ve seen Hugh Jackman‘s classic Wolverine costume from the X-Men comics, Deadpool’s new costume, and reports of Jenifer Garner returning as Elektra.

This latest set photo from the Ryan Reynolds movie is perhaps the most fun, or obnoxious, we’ve seen yet. It’s of a giant — and we mean giant — 20th Century Studios logo laying in rubble.

Deadpool 3 set photo

Fans of the studio’s films, before it was swallowed alive by Disney, will recognize the stone-looking logo from its calling card before 20th Century Fox movies, like Alien and the X-Men movies. If you need a refresher, or just like to be nostalgic, you can watch a clip below of all the intro’s iterations over the decades.

YouTube Thumbnail

The logo in itself is a monumental piece of film history, a centerpiece that played before we sat down to watch some of the best movies of all time. The studio still exists, but it was gutted for its IP and rebranded as 20th Century Studios after the controversial acquisition.

The image certainly fits in line with Deadpool’s self-referential humor as well as the new multiverse spin the story is taking. We’ll find out if audiences have hit their limit with this stuff in the future, but as things stand we’d be surprised to see Deadpool 3 be anything short of a box-office bonanza.

Until then, we have a list of the upcoming Marvel movies, the Marvel movies in order, the X-Men characters ranked, and the X-Men movies in order if you’d like to get timelines sussed out before hitting cinemas for Deadpool 3.