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Deadpool 3 might be getting a disappointing update

Disney has reportedly had a call with investors in which they mention their upcoming movie releases, but omitted Deadpool 3, likely because it's delayed.

Deadpool 3

In news that shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who have been following the actors’ strike and subsequent production shut-downs, it’s not looking likely that Deadpool 3 will make its release date. The MCU movie was a fair way through filming when the actors’ strike began, but with the level of post-production editing and effects needed for a movie like this – it will surely not meet its May 2024 release date.

Disney has just had a call with their investors, in which they outlined their upcoming plans, but Deadpool 3 was not mentioned at all (according to ComicBook.com). The Deadpool 3 release date was absent from the theatrical release calendar, which Disney shared on the call, but it did mention the Inside Out 2 release date in June. They did not explain Deadpool 3’s omission.

It will be better if the release of Deadpool 3 is delayed for several reasons at this point. One of which is that if they wait until the writers’ strike is over, Reynolds can do on-set rewrites if needed. Reshoots are extremely common with superhero blockbusters, and they frequently require scenes to be reworked or entirely new scenes to be written.

The Disney live-action remake of Snow White, which already had some pandemic-related delays, is still set for a March 2024 release date. It wrapped filming some time ago, so will probably still make this date. The Marvels release date is still on-course for November 2023. It seems likely that the actors’ strike will have lifted by then, so the actors can promote the movie, but it’s very hard to say at this point.

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The Emmys have been moved from September 2023 to January 2024 due to the strikes. We have had a period of relatively stability where release dates stopped being constantly moved due to the pandemic, and now the strikes (caused by the studios) have sent things into turmoil once more. The studios will need to start making concessions and come to an agreement with the actors and writers unions soon. The writers have already been on strike for over 100 days.

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