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Deadpool 3 director calls Taylor Swift Dazzler cameo a “great idea”

Shawn Levy has heard the rumors of a Taylor Swift cameo in Deadpool 3 and thinks she would make a great Dazzler, so can we get excited now?

Deadpool with a mini boom box, with Taylor Swift in the Eras Tour movie

We’ve all heard the rumor that Taylor Swift might be joining the MCU as Dazzler in Deadpool 3, and now, the movie’s director, Shawn Levy, has finally offered his thoughts on the speculation. Turns out, he thinks it’s a “great idea,” which means it’s definitely going to happen, right?

Well, not quite. The MCU has always found ways to mislead us, and if any upcoming Marvel movie is going to play tricks on the fans, it’s Deadpool 3. The Merc with a Mouth is renowned for tomfoolery, and making us all get excited about the prospect of Taylor Swift becoming a Marvel character is exactly what we’d expect from Wade Wilson.

Until now, Levy has responded to all the Dazzler theories with a firm “no comment,” but in an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he has now said: “Sounds like a great idea.”

To be fair, that’s as far as Levy would be drawn on the matter, though. Host Josh Horowitz asked the filmmaker if the word Dazzler had been mentioned in any conversation between Taylor Swift and Levy, to which the latter replied: “It sure has escaped the lips of [people on] social media every day, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Horowitz kept probing, and Levy was clearly fed up with answering these kinds of questions on the Marvel Phase 5 project. He added: “I feel like I went to a football game a couple of weeks ago, and I had a really good time with friends, and I am thrilled to be talking about other things.” Suffice it to say, Horwitz cuts his losses there and then.

I cannot imagine how boring and frustrating it must be as a filmmaker to field these questions all the time. But, such is the nature of the beast when you join a huge franchise like the MCU, I guess. The fans want fun cameos and Easter eggs, by and large, and it’s the duty of any director of these new movies to deliver on that front.

The problem is, even if you did enjoy discussing the rumors and hyping up the fanbase, you simply can’t get away with that when Kevin Feige is your boss. One wrong word from Levy in an interview, and we might never see him again (I’m joking; of course, Kevin Feige isn’t about to hire an assassin to prevent Marvel leaks – but if he did, Deadpool could be a good shout).

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Personally, I think that even if Swift were to appear in Deadpool 3 (or any Marvel film, for that matter), it would be the briefest of cameos and would probably mean very little to the wider timeline going into Marvel’s Phase 6. She’s a busy lady, after all, and dominating the world of music is probably more important to her than fighting Marvel villains.

We have a long while to wait until we know for sure whether the cameo will happen or not, so why don’t you take on a marathon of all the Marvel movies in order in the meantime? Or, explore the various Marvel series to really get to grips with the whole universe. If it’s big-screen superhero movies you’re more concerned with, though, then The Marvels is the next film you need to learn about.