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Namor explained - the MCU Sub-Mariner’s history and powers

Black Panther 2 saw Wakanda challenged by a new villain who sought to destroy them. Here's Namor explained, from his comic roots to powers.

Namor is a smart, aggressive, and unique character. Now that we’ve met him in live-action, let’s dive deeper into his MCU origins.

He made the swim from the page to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Black Panther 2, when he attacked Wakanda. The secretive nation was targeted by the Talokans, an ancient civilization led by Namor who have their own Vibranium. But who is Namor, what are his powers, and who plays him?

Black Panther 2: who is Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Namor in the Marvel movies explained

King Ch’ah Toh Almehen (Namor) is a mutant who rules the underwater kingdom of Talokan. In the MCU, he attacked Wakanda.

Following his mother’s death, he visited the surface world and witnessed the atrocities of colonization, causing him to take drastic action against the colonizers. His people grew to worship him, and he became their leader.

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Wanting to hide his kingdom from the surface world, Namor became concerned when the United States almost discovered Talokan while searching for Vibranium.

He proposed a military alliance with the Wakandans, but they refused to start a war on the surface. In response, Namor attacked Wakanda and killed Ramonda in the process. We won’t lie… that one hurt.

He was ultimately defeated by Shuri, who had become the new Black Panther after her brother T’Challa’s passing.

Black Panther 2: who is Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Namor in Marvel comics explained

Namor is the son of a fisherman and the princess of Atlantis. Born the Prince of Atlantis, he spent his early years beneath the surface of the seas, but as he grew into a powerful warrior, he longed to explore the surface world.

He got his chance during World War 2, helping Captain America and the Human Torch (not the one from the Fantastic Four) battle Nazis. Yes, seriously, comics are silly.

Eventually, Namor became the ocean’s violent protector, intervening whenever he believed the surface world was intruding on his people’s territory. Over the years, this had brought him into conflict with several superheroes, including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and even the X-Men.

Belligerent and pompous, Namor’s allegiance to Atlantis and the sea over anything else means he’s never exactly been popular with his fellow heroes. Still, his incredible powers have made him an invaluable ally in defending the Earth from all the Marvel villains who are so desperate to blow it up.

That said, Namor’s flirted with full-on supervillainy in the past. He destroyed a chunk of Wakanda and killed countless Wanadans during the events of Avengers versus X-Men, which has led T’Challa to despise the Sub-Mariner.

Black Panther 2: who is Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Who plays Namor in Black Panther 2?

In the MCU, Namor is played by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta.

Huerta made his acting debut in Asi del Precipicio, but he is perhaps best known for his work on one of the best Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, where he plays Rafael Caro Quintero.

Black Panther 2: who is Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Is Namor a mutant?

Yes, Namor is a mutant. In fact, Marvel often calls him ‘the first mutant’.

While in-universe, that’s not strictly true with X-Men characters like Apocalypse, Mystique, and even Wolverine technically being older than him, Namor was the first Marvel mutant to appear in print.

Unfortunately, even in the MCU, he’s not the first mutant we’ve seen. Kamala Khan‘s got him beat by a few months, although he’s definitely older than Ms. Marvel, so technically, he’s the first — unless you count that bear guy from Black Widow.

Black Panther 2: who is Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Namor’s powers and abilities explained

Namor is an incredibly powerful being whose body is specially adapted to survive deep beneath the ocean. As a result, he possesses super strength, a degree of invulnerability, and reflexes beyond an ordinary man.

Namor also has a unique mutation that gives him tiny wings on his ankles, allowing him to fly.

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