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A Margot Robbie movie was shut down by police, but it wasn’t her fault

This Margot Robbie movie went overtime on production, and it wasn't until some police intervened that everything was eventually wrapped, says the star.

Margot Robbie in Barbie

Filmmaking can make it easy to get so enamoured you don’t realise the time. Amsterdam, a recent Margot Robbie movie, only finished production because someone from the Pasadena Police Department came along and forced it to wrap.

Margot Robbie explained what happened on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “The Pasadena police were literally in the set with us, all being like, ‘Stop, you have to stop’,” she says. Filming had gone over the allotted, and nobody on the cast or crew were slowing down any. Robbie, and her co-star Christian Bale, were still in full character for the drama movie.

“I could see this policewoman trying to think, ‘What is the word they use in the film business to make everything stop’,” Robbie recalls. “She was like ‘Enough, stop’, and then she was like, ‘Wrap, you’re wrapped, everyone’s wrapped’.” Sure enough, that did it, and the thriller movie was finished.

So, you can thank Pasadena police for allowing you to see Amsterdam, since it seems like the adventure movie could’ve just kept rolling. Maybe in some way it still is, in the minds of Bale and Robbie.

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This year, Robbie has a more exciting new movie on the way. She’ll be arriving in cinemas over the summer for the Barbie movie release date, where she plays the iconic doll, complemented by Ryan Gosling as Ken. Greta Gerwig’s directing that film, and for all intents and purposes, it seems like production was a little bit smoother.

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