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Kevin Costner was heartbroken about changing this for his new movie

Kevin Costner's new movie, western Horizon, didn't quite go to plan while the Yellowstone star was shooting it, and he was heartbroken to have to change this.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowone

Kevin Costner may have decided to up and leave the TV series that gave him a Hollywood comeback, but he has big plans. Kevin Costner is busy shooting his labor of love, Horizon — which we’re hopeful will be one of the best westerns coming soon.

He up and left the Yellowstone cast ahead of season 5 Part 2, but shooting his directorial effort has come with challenges that needed the actor’s full attention.

While filming in St. George, Utah, the weather proved a tricky foe for the production of what will surely just be the first in a few new movies from Costner.

He told St. George News his first choice of location on a reservation didn’t work out, “Every day, my dream was to film at this other place. We even built a suspension bridge. And we were going to crane our wagons 50 feet in the air over the river, drop them down on that location. So I had it on my head, we built it, we had the cranes out there. And then the big snowpack came. And everybody said, ‘The water’s gonna come up’.”

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The crew had to give up on that dream. “It broke my heart because losing my location turns me into a baby a little bit because I have my mind set on what it’s going to look like and how people will enjoy it.”

Coster then had the crew scout for a new location, and eventually found one on the Shivwits reservation, “I said, ‘Let’s run this river, the Santa Clara, all the way to the Virgin River.’ I was throwing prayers up on what’s going to happen,” he said. “I secretly didn’t want to have another place. But I knew the first place wasn’t going to work.”

Luckily, production continued with no further drama, so the Horizon release date didn’t have to be delayed. Until it arrives, check out the Yellowstone 6666 release date or the best movies of all time.