Harley Quinn season 4 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

Here is everything you need to know about the Harley Quinn season 4 release date, what the plot will entail, and who will be in the cast.

Harley Quinn season 4 release date: Harley Quinn with a blowhorn

What is the Harley Quinn season 4 release date? Let’s be honest, after HBO cancelled the Batgirl movie, Gotham fans have been living with anxiety when it comes to the Harley Quinn series. However, rejoice, mayhem-making fans, because the clown queen of Gotham isn’t going away anytime soon.

That’s right, Harley Quinn season 4 has been confirmed, and after its last season, fans are dying to know what is next for the Batman villain (or should we say ex-villain?). Season 3 of the animated series ended with Harley joining Batman’s crew, Bruce Wayne facing legal trouble, and Poison Ivy making her own villainous way. But will Ivy and Harley’s relationship survive? What will Gotham’s new power dynamic be? And which classic DC characters will be introduced into the TV series next?

From the Harley Quinn season 4 release date to its cast, plot and more – we answer all your burning questions below, so sit back and enjoy the animated carnage from this section of the DC animated universe.

Harley Quinn season 4 release date speculation

Sorry puddin’, we don’t know the Harley Quinn season 4 release date at the moment. However, please don’t panic; Gotham enthusiasts. The clown queen of crime is definitely coming back to our small screens.

Harley Quinn has been renewed for a fourth season, and judging from the gaps between previous instalments in the TV series, will most likely be back either in 2023 or 2024.

Harley Quinn seasons 1 and 2 came out within a year of one another. However, season 3 was released two years after its predecessor. So, while we have our fingers crossed for a 2023 release date, 2024 is still a possibility too. We will be sure to update you as more announcements head our way!

Harley Quinn season 4 release date: Harley Quinn with King Shark, Clayface and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn season 4 cast

When it comes to the Harley Quinn season 4 cast, it is safe to say that Kaley Cuoco will be back as Harley. Lake Bell is expected to return as Ivy, and Alan Tudyk will reprise the roles of Clayface and the Joker, too.

Here is the cast list for Harley Quinn season 4:

  • Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn
  • Lake Bell as Poison Ivy
  • Ron Funches as King Shark
  • Alan Tudyk as The Joker and Clayface
  • Diedrich Bader As Batman
  • Brianna Cuoco as Batgirl
  • Harvey Guillen as Nightwing
  • Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman
  • JB Smoove as Frank the Plant
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Lex Luthor

Like past seasons of the series, we are also expecting some new characters to pop up and appear as well. So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for updates!

Harley Quinn season 4 release date: Harley and Batgirl fighting

Harley Quinn season 4 plot speculation

We actually have a pretty clear understanding of what the Harley Quinn season 4 plot will be, and unfortunately, it all starts with Harley and Ivy’s relationship being put to the test.

That’s right; our favourite couple is going to be facing some challenges in the upcoming chapter of the DC show, thanks to the fact that Ivy has embraced her villainous destiny as the leader of the new Legion of Doom. On the other hand, Harley has now joined the side of justice as a member of the Bat-family. The big question going forward is: can the two cartoon characters‘ love survive while they fight for opposing sides? (we hope so!)

Season 3 also brought some major changes to the overall story as a whole. For one, Joker was elected as mayor of Gotham City, Clayface became a movie star, and Bruce Wayne is heading to jail for tax fraud. Oh, and King Shark becomes king of the Shark Kingdom after his father’s passing. So let’s unpack what this all means for the future story of season 4.

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Joker is actually a pretty good mayor (shocking, we know). He taxes the rich, fights for universal healthcare, and has pretty much annoyed every billionaire – including Lex Luther, who, in season 3, tried to have him killed. Joker will likely have to deal with more attacks in the next season, and we are curious to see if he will stay reformed or revert back to his evil ways too.

Bruce Wayne finally has some downtime to confront his childhood trauma of seeing his parents die before his eyes. However, we are still yet to see if these changes will be positive, or if he will fall deeper into his trauma. Also, with Batman behind bars, Batgirl is now in charge of his crimefighting crew, and it’s likely that we will see her and Harley’s friendship evolve in upcoming episodes…wonder how Ivy will feel about that?

So yeah, plenty of storylines to look forward to! Keep your eyes on this guide as we update you on the newest developments. For more action from the DCU, dive into our guide on Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters for all the new movies coming from that section of the superhero movie world. Or why not look over our guide to the Marvel series ranked from worst to best.