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Kate Winslet almost appeared in one of the best zombie movies ever

Kate Winslet almost starred in this famous zombie movie, and things would have turned out very differently if she had taken the role.

Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Kate Winslet isn’t one to stick to typecast. She’s been in fantasy movies like Avatar, got her big break in the romance movie Titanic, and broke hearts in the drama movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Winslet has never really been one for horror movies, but that could very well have been different, had she got a certain role she was considered for.

In fact, a studio wanted Winslet for one of the most famous zombie movies of all time.

In the book ‘You’ve Got Red’ by Clark Collis, Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright shared that “Working Title were like, ‘Can’t you cast up for Liz?’ So that turned into a brief period of chasing after Kate Winslet.”

“We had tea with Kate Winslet at the Charlotte Street Hotel or the Covent Garden Hotel,” Simon Pegg added. “We sat down with her and chatted her through it. I don’t know if she was ever particularly interested in playing the part, but we certainly courted her for a little bit.”

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“Kate Winslet liked the script a lot, but then something else came through that she did instead.” That was Eternal Sunshine. “Honestly, much as I love Kate Winslet, I was relieved. She’s so famous that as soon as she comes on board, it becomes the new Kate Winslet movie. Every single article would be ‘Kate Winslet film!’. She’s brilliant, but it was obvious that her fame would capsize the film in maybe a not useful way.”

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