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Will there be a Kaleidoscope season 2?

Netflix has flipped the crime genre on it's head with its new series Kaleidoscope so we've looked into whether we'll get a Kaleidoscope season 2.

Will there be a Kaleidoscope season 2?

Will there be a Kaleidoscope season 2? Kaleidoscope is a crime anthology centred on a group of thieves attempting to pull off a master heist. The twist is that Netflix users are given different episode orders, which changes your perspective on the robber’s plans. Cool right?

Netflix has never been afraid to experiment with its TV series. In the past, they’ve given us Black Mirror episodes that made us the main character and interactive Netflix series and movies that let us choose our own adventure.

With the new thriller series Kaleidoscope, they’ve pushed the boundaries of what TV is capable of again. So will the streaming service give us more Kaleidoscope? Will there be a Kaleidoscope season 2?

Will there be a Kaleidoscope season 2?

As of April 2023, Netflix has not greenlit Kaleidoscope season 2. 

Though nothing has been confirmed just yet, fans still have their fingers crossed. We’ll be sure and keep you updated, so make sure to check back for any news.

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