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An underrated John Carpenter movie is now streaming on Netflix

An underrated John Carpenter movie is now on Netflix, so if you're a subscriber to the streaming service in the US, sit back and enjoy this horror movie.

John Carpenter on the set of Big Trouble in Little China

John Carpenter is responsible for some of the best horror movies ever made, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber in the US, one of his most underrated projects was just added to the streaming service.

Whether you’re a fan of slasher movies, a gorehound, or partial to the Halloween movies, the best John Carpenter movies cover a lot of ground in the genre.

Some of John Carpenter’s work hasn’t made it into the mainstream, however, and now one of his hidden gems is available to watch in amongst the catalogue of Netflix movies.

Vampires is an underseen 90s movie about a team of mercenaries who hunt down an ancient relic called the Black Cross of Berziers to stop it from falling into bloodsucker hands and be used by them to survive in the sunlight.

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According to the small batch of fans who call it a cult classic, it’s one of the best vampire movies you’ve never heard of. If you’re more of a ‘take your cues from critics’ sort of movie buff, it maybe isn’t so much of a slam dunk, with a 42% on Rotton Tomatoes at the time of writing… but what’s the harm in giving it a whirl?

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