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Jeremy Renner said yes to Mayor of Kingstown before ever seeing script

Jeremy Renner agreed to do Mayor of Kingstown before reading a single word for one reason. The actor stars as the lead in the Paramount Plus crime drama series.

Jeremy Renner in Arrival

One of the best TV series on Paramount Plus, Mayor of Kingstown, is currently on hold and waiting to be renewed for another season as its lead star Jeremy Renner focusses on recovering from his life-threatening snow plow accident. In Mayor of Kingstown, Renner stars as Mike McLusky who takes over Kingstown and is forced to manage the complicated relationships between the town’s many factions.

Created by Yellowstone boss Taylor Sheridan, the series is dark and gritty, and with Renner leading its cast its one of the best drama series around.

And, as it turns out, MCU star Renner didn’t even read the script before he agreed to do the show. “I said yes without reading one word,” said Renner, speaking with Collider.

Explaining that his lack of hesitation came from previously working with and knowing Sheridan, Renner explained, “I already know his writing so well. I know him as a friend, and we’ve worked together [before on Wind River].”

Sharing how is leap of faith was rewarded, Renner concluded, “I knew an idea or a fraction of what it was gonna be like. He’s exceeded my expectations about what it is and will be.”

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Renner’s experience leading the 2017 Western crime drama Wind River, which Sheridan wrote and directed, was clearly all the actor needed to know that he’d work with Sheridan again. And, it’s no surprise that Mayor of Kingstown is now one of the most-watched shows on Paramount Plus.

In fact, Sheridan’s mark is stamped right across the streaming service, which is dominated by: Yellowstone and its spin-offs, Mayor of Kingstown, and his most recent new show Tulsa King.

However, news of a Mayor of Kingstown season 3 release date still looks like it could be some way off. Sheridan has his hands full with his (many) other projects, while Renner’s steady recovery – which has had multiple optimistic updates – still remains his priority.

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