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Jennifer Coolidge got her Seinfeld character through total lies

Jennifer Coolidge was on Seinfeld as her first role in a comedy series, and getting the character meant she had to bend the truth on her experience a little.

Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus

It’s easy to forget Jennifer Coolidge has been around for quite a while. Her star-making turn in The White Lotus really hoisted her into limelight, but she’s been adding to the best comedy series since the ’90s.

For instance, she had a small role in Seinfeld once upon a time. Yes, that’s right – Coolidge portrayed Jodi, one of Jerry’s many girlfriends in the TV series, in the episode ‘The Masseuse’. It was actually her first onscreen job, and she need to flub her background a little to get in the door.

“It was a weird day. I booked Seinfeld the same day that I booked this very short lived series called She TV, which was an all-women sketch show on ABC,” she told GQ. “I didn’t really have any jobs before that. I only had lies on my resume.”

Whether it be sitcoms or the best drama series, you needed someway to make yourself seem like a worthwhile choice, and Coolidge has no shame about it. “I’d gone to a school called American Academy of Dramatic Arts up in Pasadena, and I’d just named all these shows and all these different theaters at the school as if they played there,” she explains. “You have to do that if you have a blank resume, until you start getting jobs. Then you can slowly erase the lies.”

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Those deceptions were covered over quickly, gradually succumbing to some of the best comedy movies like American Pie, and now beloved HBO series The White Lotus. She’s since lost that resume – presumably she didn’t need it a whole lot after Seinfeld – and ponders how cool it would be to read.

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