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We have bad news about the next James Bond movie

We've got bad news about the next James Bond movie release date, but we're still excited to learn who will be the next James Bond in the new era of 007.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale

It feels like we’ve been talking about new movies in the James Bond franchise for eons. Between speculating on a release date and wondering who will be the next James Bond, it would be nice to have some solid announcements before the hype drains away.

We do have a slightly disappointing update, for those of you still following the news on their development. It comes straight from one of the directors of what fans and critics say is one of the best action movies in the film series.

The man behind Casino Royale thinks we’ve got a solid wait before the next James Bond even starts production, never mind premieres for the public in cinemas.

Martin Campbell, who also helmed GoldenEye, told Express, “They won’t do Bond for another year, two years to be honest. They [put] space in between [the movies]. I don’t envy them looking for the next Bond. God knows who will play Bond because it’s very difficult. Also, tonally where do you keep Bond?” So, he thinks it’ll be 2025 before production begins in earnest.

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He then praised the previous Bond actor, “Daniel Craig did a very internalized Bond in some ways; a man clearly complicated psychologically and so forth. And he brought a kind of gravitas to it… I’m sure there are certain people who probably miss the humor and tone of the earlier Bonds, but I think he did a terrific job. He was marvelous.”

Kraven the Hunter, ie. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is looking like a good bet for the role, but at this point, we could be shocked y someone totally out of left field. And Campbell isn’t so sure about those reports of Sony liking him for it,  “Let me tell you, it’s bullshit mostly. 98% of it is bullshit. It’s rubbish, honestly, it is.”

It’s a waiting game now. In the meantime, find out how to watch the James Bond movies in order and peruse our list of the best movies of all time, martini in hand. We also have lots of Kraven information in our Kraven the Hunter release date guide.