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Christoph Waltz still thinks his James Bond movie twist was good

Christoph Waltz has no problem sharing his opinion on 007 drama, and has come out saying one James Bond movie's twist was fabulous.

Christoph Waltz in Spectre

Spectre, alongside Quantum of Solace, tends to be one of the lesser-applauded James Bond movies of the Daniel Craig era. It’s stylish and has all the markings of a traditional 007 outing, but has some valleys.

A divisive topic among fans is the Ernst Stavro Blofeld twist in the action movie, where Christoph Waltz’s moustache-twirling bad guy is revealed to be Bond’s adopted stepbrother.

Waltz himself doesn’t quite get the hullabaloo and has shared his thoughts on the controversial moment from Craig’s fourth spy movie, and they may surprise you.

Waltz told Cinema Blend “I think from a dramatic point of view, or a point of view of drama, it’s a fabulous turn. A fabulous conflict, a fabulous connection, and very useful for the stories.”

Waltz, who also praised No Time to Die’s explosive ending as being “audacious” and “fabulous”, too, feels the twist was a net positive, “that’s how I felt about it. … It heightens the conflict. Everything that heightens the conflict is useful in a drama.”

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The only thing better than Waltz’s steadfast backing of his projects is his use of the word fabulous to describe what many would call one of the most masculine franchises in the world.

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