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Bill Pullman’s epic Independence Day scene’s the best way to celebrate

You can and should celebrate this fourth of July 2023 holiday with Bill Pullman's most incredible scene from the science-fiction movie Independence Day

Bill Pullman in Independence Day

It’s July 4, and oh boy do we have a great way to celebrate. And, fittingly, it has everything to do with Independence Day. We probably don’t need to tell you what Independence Day is, most people have seen one of the best alien movies more than once.

But, if you need a refresher, the science-fiction film (which received a horrible 2016 sequel that made us want to ban any and all new movies) follows the invasion of an alien species that seeks to take over Earth.

A few of your picks for the best actors of all time may have shown up in its credits: Kill Bill‘s Vivica A. Fox, Jurassic Park‘s Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith at the height of his rising star. And who can forget Bill Pullman’s epic Independence Day speech?

Pullman, who played the US President in the movie, gave a rousing speech to soldiers in the 1996 film ahead of its epic climax, talking about how humans can no longer afford to be “consumed by our petty differences anymore”. You can watch the clip below.

YouTube Thumbnail

His moment to shine is gripping, motivational, and a big moment for the demoralized characters in the crowd hearing him speak. Now, that’s a good way to celebrate the holiday. Spin up Independence Day on the best streaming services (it’s currently on STARZ) or dig out your dusty DVD copy, sit back, and relax.

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