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Halloween Kills is going to streaming service Peacock thanks to Freaky

Jason Blum reveals that the reason for Halloween Kills releasing on the streamer Peacock is due to the horror movie Freaky

Halloween Kills is going to streaming service Peacock thanks to Freaky

In September, it was announced that Halloween Kills would be coming to the streaming service Peacock on the same day as its US theatrical opening, October 15. While streaming options have become more common thanks to the pandemic, it turns out that the distribution decision for Michael Myers latest cinematic outing was heavily influenced by Christopher Landon’s horror movie Freaky.

In 2018, David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot was a massive financial success, earning $255 million at the worldwide box office. Considering its money-making potential, the choice to offer its sequel, Halloween Kills, on Peacock was somewhat surprising. Foregoing an exclusive theatrical window has the potential of cutting the upcoming thriller movie’s profits. However, in a recent interview with Collider, Blumhouse’s Jason Blum explained that his experience with the horror-comedy movie Freaky ultimately pushed him to make the decision.

“It was my idea to do it. [Peacock] didn’t approach me. I approached them,” Blum said. “I, like everyone else, am a big believer in the theatrical experience. I think eventually I think there should be windows. I think Universal’s strategy of the three-week window is a great strategy, but I had a bad distribution experience with Freaky. That movie is a great movie, and it didn’t get seen because the distribution of it got all twisted up. My fault.”

“I didn’t want to go through that experience again,” Blum explained. “I didn’t want to have a movie that I’m really proud of that I think is great and have there be an excuse why people didn’t see it. So I’m the one who pitched Universal. And then I pitched Jamie and David, and it was my idea. I stand behind it. I’m glad that we’re doing it.”

Landon’s Freaky was released in the US in November 2020, a point when lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic were still in effect. It was an exclusive theatrical feature in pre-vaccine times and only made $16 million at the box office.

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Although there are still concerns with the pandemic, vaccine adoption rates are growing, and Halloween is a massive IP with a strong cult following that has been growing since 1978 – unlike Freaky. Only time will tell if this streaming decision benefits or cuts Halloween Kills’ earning potential. However, one thing is sure, Michael Myers will undoubtedly bring Peacock a ton of business this spooky season.

Halloween Kills will release on October 15 across UK and US cinemas. US viewers can also enjoy the slasher on Peacock on the same day. You can find the first fives Halloween movies on Netflix as of now, and if you want more scary streaming options, here is our list of the best horror movies on Netflix.