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Halloween Kills ending explained

Halloween Kills ending explained: Evil has returned to Haddonfield in David Gordon's green new horror movie, Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ending explained: Michael Myers

Michael Myers is back and badder than ever in the sequel to David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot, Halloween Kills. Taking place after the events of Halloween (2018), where we saw Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family face the killer in a burning cabin, the horror movie follows Myers on a new murderous rampage. But, let’s be honest, with an influx of new characters and some cases of mistaken identity, it’s easy to get lost in the slasher, and you may be left asking yourself, how does Halloween Kills actually end?

After surviving a fiery death and killing a truckload of firefighters, Michael Myers is out on the prowl once again. However, the citizens of Haddonfield aren’t too keen on becoming his victims this time around. After a news story breaks that Michael has escaped and that Laurie is in hospital, a group of survivors from John Carpenter’s original 1978 film decide that it is finally time to band together and kill Michael once and for all. However, things don’t’ go according to plan as an innocent escaped mental institute patient (freed during Michael’s’ escape in the first movie) becomes the misplaced target of their aggression – leaving ‘The Shape’ to continue his merry killing ways.

The thriller movie jumps around a lot, alternating between Laurie in the hospital, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey (the kids Laurie babysits in the original ’70s movie) leading a mob, and of course, showing Michael’s perspective. It can all get a bit confusing in the heat of the slasher moment. Well, don’t worry because we are here to break it all down. Here we go through how Halloween Kills ends, who survives and who dies, and piece together what we can expect to see in the next Michael Myers movie from Green – Halloween Ends. (Warning major spoilers ahead!)

What happens at the end of Halloween Kills?

The big ending reveal is that Michael Myers is, in fact, not after Laurie Strode, a shocker we know, especially for fans of the ’80s movie Halloween II. Much like the Halloween fanbase, everyone in Haddonfield had expected the killer to make his way to the hospital where Laurie was recovering from their last fight. However, Michael – like a deadly homing pigeon – makes his way to his childhood home instead.

This is terrible news for the innocent escaped mental patient we mentioned earlier. The wandering escapee ends up at the town’s hospital, which is filled with angry citizens of Haddonfield, who mistake him for the man who has been torturing them for years. The chaos allows Allyson (Andi Matichak) and her boyfriend Cameron (Dylan Arnold) to leave the hospital and join Dylan’s dad for an actual masked killer hunt.

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The small crew drives to the Myers house, knowing that the real killer went home and isn’t back in the hospital as most of the town thinks. However, going to face a crazy strong killer on his home turf isn’t the best idea. And, as expected, Michael isn’t keen on visitors and does some slasher clean up on the unwanted guests.

Switching the action back to the hospital, Karen (Judy Greer) notices that her daughter isn’t there anymore, and she and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) quickly drive to the Myers house. Just before Michael can kill Allyson, Karen grabs his mask, distracting him and encouraging him to chase after her – saving her daughter from a slasher-tastic death. While the unmasked killer chases her, Karen sneakily leads him into a trap, where a group of citizens, led by Tommy, holding a very intimidating bat, are waiting to ambush the killer.

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Michael gets a proper beating by the folks of Haddonfield…for a while, at least. Remember how we said the killer single-handedly took out a huge truckload of burly firefighters at the beginning of the movie? Well, he basically does a double act and manages to get the upper hand on the group, killing the lot while also getting his mask back. So Long story short, the folks of Haddonfield fail to finally end Michael’s reign of terror.

The movie ends with Michael presumably back in his childhood home, looking out to the streets of Haddonfield, which has now been fully consumed by fear and paranoia.

Halloween Kills ending explained; Laurie Strode

Does Laurie die in Halloween Kills?

Laurie doesn’t die in Halloween Kills, but someone else in her family does. It turns out that stealing Michael’s mask isn’t the best idea and that our favourite serial killer holds a bit of a grudge.

Karen, Laurie’s daughter, ends up being Michael’s final victim in the movie. So, it is safe to say Laurie will be out for his blood in the next movie along with her granddaughter Allyson – who has now lost both of her parents to the killer.

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However, it should be noted that we don’t know when said revenge will take place. Laurie can barely move thanks to having her guts slashed in the 2018 movie, and Allyson’s confrontation with Myers ended up with her having a broken leg. They don’t really seem to be in the best shape to deal with the killer.

Halloween Kills ending explained: Michael Myers

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills?

For good no, despite the film’s tagline, which says, “evil dies tonight”. But it is worth pointing out that we do see Michael get shot several times, even if those shots do nothing.

It isn’t clear how Michael survived the bullets, but it may hint that he “transcended” to something more than a mortal man. We are expecting Halloween Ends to clear up the issue of if Halloween Kills ending means that Michael Myers is immortal now or not.

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We here at The Digital Fix are firm believers that Michael shouldn’t be a supernatural force, so we are hoping that the killer just got lucky or perhaps was simply wearing a really thick jumpsuit when the shots were fired his way. It is all very unclear right now and is the main burning question that needs to be addressed by the next movie in Green’s timeline.

Halloween KIlls ending explained; Judy Greer

Is there a post-credit scene in Halloween Kills

Unlike Halloween 2018, Kills doesn’t have a post-credit scene, meaning that we are essentially going to the concluding movie in David Gordon Green’s timeline blind. We do know that Michael is still alive and that Laurie and her granddaughter are going to be out for revenge.

It is unclear how Halloween Ends will address the aftermath of the enraged community of Haddonfield right now. David Gordon Green did suggest that there will be a time jump between Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends and that the next film will be set after the pandemic. However, only time will tell what the future holds for Michael and Laurie as we go into the last film in Green’s reboot of the Halloween Franchise.

Halloween Kills is currently out in cinemas across the UK and US and is available to watch on the streaming service Peacock for US viewers.