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How many dragons are there in House of the Dragon?

The Targaryen family took over Westeros with the help of dragons but how many of these mighty beasts will we see during House of the Dragon?

How many dragons are there in House of the Dragon?

How many dragons will we see in House of the Dragon? When Aegon the Conqueror first came to Westeros with his sister wives he brought with him three mighty dragons, Vhagar, Meraxes, and Balerion the Black Dread. Using the power of these beasts, he managed to conquer Westeros and forge the Seven Kingdoms.

Through the power of dragons, the Targaryen family would establish a dynasty that lasted centuries. Yet nothing lasts forever, and by the time of Game of Thrones, dragons are nothing but a myth, so what happened to them? Well, the fantasy series House of the Dragon shows us how a war between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her half-brother Aegon Targaryen II crippled their family and brought an end to the age of dragons.

So how many dragons are there in House of the Dragon? How many fought in the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragon? And did any survive the war?

How many dragons are there in House of the Dragon?

We will reportedly see 17 dragons in House of the Dragon. That said, in the books, there are around 20 live dragons by the time the Dance begins, although almost all of them will be dead by the time the war’s over. So far, we’ve only met nine of them (and Arrax died), but don’t worry; there are plenty more scaled, fire-breathing beasties to come.

At the start of the Dance, the Blacks control nine dragons, while the Greens have five. While it may seem like the Blacks have a huge advantage over the Greens going into the war, that’s not exactly true. Most of the Black’s dragons were young, while the Greens had the might of Vhagar backing them up.

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There are also three unclaimed dragons, including Vermithor, either in the Dragonpit or under Dragonstone. Finally, there are three wild dragons, Cannibal, Sheepstealer, and Greyghost, roaming around Dragonstone. Whether all of these dragons make the jump to the small screen is yet to be seen, however.

By the time the war is over, only a handful of dragons will still be alive, and only one of those will be in the Targaryen’s control, Morning the hatchling.

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