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Game of Thrones fans fixed the ending with this simple twist

Game of Thrones' ending rocked the boat right off the shore and into sea, but fans think they've got a better one that uses a key character.

Isaac Hempstead Wright as bran Stark in Game of Thrones

Despite being the show of the 2010s, Game of Thrones went out with a whimper. The ending, which enraged just about every long-time fan that saw it, nearly killed the franchise (and definitely killed Daenerys).

That’s why fan discussion on the Game of Thrones finale has been ongoing since the final episode aired, and some people think they’ve come up with a far better ending that turns one of the most divisive Game of Thrones characters into a terrifying villain (Daenerys Targaryen still dies, sorry).

Users on the r/freefolk subreddit believe a Bran-forward solution could have fixed the show’s ending and cemented Game of Thrones’ place as the best fantasy series of all time.

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One user, u/FrankHero97 wrote, “Honestly, it would have made much much much more sense. Having him as the final villain and true Night King would be awesome and give a reason for the Jon sequel to exist.”

Another user, u/atomicpope added some meat to the concept, “My headcanon has been along these lines. At best, he’s an amoral alien with godlike powers, potentially immortal/nearly immortal.”

They continued, “He’s basically untouchable; he can warg into people, know the future, etc. Basically the ultimate tyrant. Imagine trying to plot against him; that would work for all of five minutes before you decided to stop breathing. And unlike most tyrants, we have no idea what his motives are.”

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User u/Kanaenystargaryen (hmmm, we wonder where their allegiances lie) added: “I’m just gonna pretend this is the real ending.” We might too, considering how this would back up the underlying Thrones theme of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

It’s not surprising fans are brainstorming alternative endings. The one we got left the legacy of the series marked by what many felt was reductive storytelling with regards to Daenerys.

In our eyes, the finale threw away a character that had been built for almost a decade in a way that felt unnatural and not true to previously established characterization. Heck, even Brian Cox used it as an example of what not to do in a Succession interview.

It’s not all bad in Westeros, though: don’t skip House of the Dragon because of Game of Thrones’ bad ending. Game of Thrones season 9 might not be reality, but House of the Dragon season 2 is. For more, read about all the actors in the Game of Thrones cast.