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Exclusive clip: Zapp stands trial in Futurama season 8 episode 8

In The Digital Fix's exclusive clip of Futurama season 8 episode 8, Zapp Brannigan has his day in court over, well, exactly what you think in the sci-fi series.

Zapp Brannigan in The Digital Fix's exclusive clip of Futurama season 8 episode 8

The new season of Futurama is about to give Zapp Brannigan some comeuppance. In an exclusive clip from Futurama season 8 episode, we see him defend himself in a court of law, but in typical fashion for one of the best sci-fi series, it’s all a bit wacky.

For one thing, the same lawyer represents both Zapp and Kiff, the latter being the plaintiff. Probably a conflict of interest, but we’re not legal experts. The scene has plenty of the inane humor we’ve come to expect from one of the best TV series ever, and you’ll get no prizes for guessing what and who are being satirized.

Futurama season 8 brought a welcome return for the embattled show. Season 7 was intended to be the climax, after a selection of science fiction movies amid the overall run. However fan demand and creative interest were there, and here we are – and we’re glad of it.

You can watch the exclusive clip of Futurama episode 8 below:

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This season will run for 14 episodes, split into two parts. The first part ends with episode ten, while the next four will arrive at some point in the future. The entire original Futurama cast returned for the revival, making these episodes even more delightful. Created by The Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening, Futurama has endured to a stronger degree than Springfield’s family, if only for the fact that being sci-fi gives it a certain malleability Homer and co don’t have.

Whatever the case, new Futurama remains a gift. Futurama season 8 is streaming on Disney Plus now, with new episodes every Monday through September 25. Check out our lists of the best Disney Plus shows and best Disney Plus movies for more ideal choices on the platform, and keep an eye on our new on Disney Plus guide.